Mental illness is caused by relentless bullying

If everyone despises you, ignores you, attacks you and betrays you, then of course that will cause anxiety, depression, schizophrenia, addiction, autism and other mental illnesses. But people are loathe to admit they are being bullied, even to themselves. The result is that this dynamic is under-reported and people are easily persuaded of other causes.

If you are not looking at people when you talk to them, then they will revile you. No you don’t have to make eye contact. But you need to understand the consequences of not doing so. The mental illness industry will never tell you this. In fact they’ll reassure you that you don’t need to look at people when you talk to them (and that eye contact can actually be dangerous!) – exactly what you want to hear.

But eye contact is fundamental. Just stating these simple facts will instigate an attack by the piranhas, as will be demonstrated in the comments below. Even those who suffer from rejection and loneliness will hypocritically pile on.

But that’s what causes mental illness. The mental illness industry knows this, which is why they are so triggered. The solution is so simple!

The world needs less harsh judgment and a lot more compassion.

If your child isn’t looking at the people they talk to, then gently but firmly remind them. If you aren’t doing it and you need help, I am as always happy to help you.

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