Things people do if you don’t look at them

Here are the things people will do to you if you don’t look at them when you talk with them:

  • ignore you
  • repeat the question
  • ask you to repeat the answer
  • mis-hear you
  • ask an irrelevant question
  • play dumb
  • flattery and condescension
  • mislead you
  • say something preposterous
  • offer ‘good night’ in the morning
  • lie to your face
  • leave out what you requested from the order
  • leave out something important
  • give you a different thing
  • short change you
  • contaminate food
  • play dumb
  • avoid you
  • insult you
  • ridicule you
  • high 5 you
  • gaslight you
  • pity you
  • don’t trust you
  • betray you
  • treat you like a creep
  • lurch car at you

This behavior is unconscious and instinctive and pervasive across all demographics.

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