Eye contact is fundamental

Children must be reminded, gently but firmly, to look at people when they talk to them. This lesson must not be forced – that’s abuse. Children should also not be singled out for ‘treatment’ as it is stigmatizing. (I heard of a case where a father demanded his son record the eye color of each child in the class – that is wrong.) Nevertheless, children must be reminded to look at people if they are not doing it. Our failure to teach eye contact results in mental illness, drug addiction, homelessness, suicide and other scourges.

If your eye contact is impaired, people will ignore you, abuse you, insult you and betray you. Furthermore, no one will tell you what you are doing wrong, including the mental illness industry. It is a massive conspiracy, and you will be called ‘paranoid’ if you say that. This is a universal dynamic across all societies and demographic groups. When psychiatrists identify impaired eye contact, they are likely to prescribe anti-psychotics, which further degrade eye contact, thereby making the patient seem even more ‘crazy’.

People gang up to bully those who don’t make eye contact, which causes mental illness. The level of bullying on social media is a reflection of what happens in real life to some people.

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