These young men were all described as ‘quiet’ and ‘shy’ and some were diagnosed with autism. They were likely bullied for antisocial traits.

  • Adam Lanza (Sandy Hook)
  • James Holmes (Aurora)
  • Dylann Storm Roof (Charleston)
  • Elliot Rodger (Santa Barbara)
  • Nikolas Cruz (Parkland)
  • John Earnest (Poway)
  • Patrick Crusius (El Paso)

They acted out in revenge for this bullying. The ‘racism’, ‘antisemitism’ or ‘xenophobia’ was just a convenient excuse. Yes they railed about such things in their rambling manifestos, but they otherwise could care less about these issues.

Possibly some of them didn’t even know that their eye contact was impaired. Thus the act was an attempt to ‘explain’ why they were so reviled. The solution is simply to let kids know that eye contact is expected. Even if they can’t do it, at least they will know why people despise them. Whereas banning ‘hate speech’ or guns will have little effect.

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