Bad eye contact as main cause of mental illness

Poor eye contact skills as a child leads to mental disorders such as autism and schizophrenia. It works like this:

  1. Child doesn’t look at people when communicating, so he misses out on social cues and people think he’s weird
  2. Child feels excluded and ostracized and has no idea why
  3. Child fears he’s simply repulsive in some way
  4. Child unconsciously stigmatizes himself with various dysfunctional behaviors as a more tolerable explanation for why he’s being ostracized
  5. Adult with these entrenched bad habits is diagnosed with mental illness/disorder

Examples of symptoms:

  • talking to himself
  • fixating on internal sensations
  • various annoying habits
  • shooting up a school

Thus the solution to preventing mental illness is simply to encourage children to look at people when talking to them. (If you think eye contact isn’t a big deal, try not looking at the cashier next time you go shopping.)

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