The point of bullying

When people bully us, is it to punish us for our behavior (not making eye contact) or is it to instigate us to act out in revenge? Many of the past mass shooters were obviously bullied for their autistic traits and acted out in violence. Was that the purpose of the bullying? It seems so unfair – to instigate vulnerable people to violence or self destruction (mental illness). It’s a game that the whole world plays and it’s great fun to them. And great fun to deny it and call us ‘crazy’ and ply drugs.

It would be nice if someone out there saw we were struggling and tried to help us instead of reviling and attacking us. Having said that, I’ve offered to help many people online and no one is interested in making a new friend. That’s how much they loathe eye contact – I think they fear I’ll try it on them and expose their weakness.

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