Religion can cure mental illness

Mental illness is caused by guilt and shame, and so religion, by relieving us of these burdens, can cure mental illness.

The deadly cycle:

  1. sin (mistakes)
  2. guilt/shame
  3. impaired eye contact
  4. revilement/ostracism
  5. unconscious self-stigmatizing behaviors
  6. schizophrenia/addiction/autism/homelessness
  7. sin/crime

It’s a downward spiral. But by taking the sin of the world, Jesus offers forgiveness that allows us to hold our head high and maintain eye contact. This breaks the cycle.

This dynamic is so simple and obvious, it’s amazing it hasn’t been stated before.

Furthermore, how is it possible that I am able to post this considering how much you hate me and want me censored and crucified? The only answer is the existence of God.

Glory Hallelujah!

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