Beware Mental Illness Helplines

These services are run by the government and their incentive is to create more mental illness and suicide so they can hyperventilate about it and get more funding. You are far more valuable to them as a statistic. They prey on vulnerable people.

Of course the people will cry, “I called them and they saved my life! You are going to get people killed!” Haha sure. Fine, give them a call. I’m just saying beware and know their true agenda. They want to teach you that your anxiety and depression are all in your head and all you need to do is take some drugs. Problem is, some of these drugs actually cause symptoms of mental illness such as restlessness and drooling, and some cause TD and other forms of brain damage.

Furthermore the industry is staffed with people who are nice to you but they despise you as much as many of the people on this board insult and revile the mentally ill (while claiming to care). They want you gone (and to diagnose you as ‘paranoid’ if you suspect it). Don’t be fooled.

So what should you do after you tried these services and are disappointed and realize you’re worse off than when you started? The first thing is to understand that poor eye contact is a prime cause of mental illness. If you can’t look at people when you talk to them, they will ignore you, insult you, bully you and betray you. The resulting rejection will drive you crazy. But no one will tell you if you’re not making eye contact. (In fact they will insist that eye contact is irrelevant or even dangerous, or say they’re not good at eye contact either.) It’s a massive conspiracy to keep you sick and even to instigate you to retaliate in violence or self-destruction.

My suggestion is to join your local church and learn about Jesus. This will give you confidence to hold your head high and break the cycle of rejection. If you are afraid to go to a church then feel free to contact me. I’m happy to help anyone for free, with patience and compassion.

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